Back-TraxSupport™ assistive back support actually assists your back muscles with passive traction. Easing the workload your back muscles endure daily!

 Up to 98% of back pain complaints are believed to originate in the soft tissues surrounding the spine. The MUSCLES, nerves, and other supporting tissues are the source of pain in most non-specific back pain.

Back-Trax™ assistive back support is the only patented support brace that offers passive flexion traction to actually assist your back muscles natural action. 

BackTrax Support | Brace
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Shelley Springs FIRST FITNESS | Pocala Springs, FL

"What a relief. The only effective device I've seen for treating my back pain.....and I can wear it under my usual workout clothes"

Lyle Brown Capital City Brick | Columbia, SC

"I've been waiting for this my entire working career. My back takes a beating and this is the only thing that works better than the pills!"

Harry Gamble, MD Blue Ridge Ortho | Asheville, NC

"So simple yet so effective. It's like a spine adjustment you keep with you all day"

What age is the Back Trax support designed for?

BackTrax™ back support is designed to accommodate a wide range of ages. From adolescents to the elderly. Young athletic adults to geriatrics with limited mobility.

What conditions does the BackTrax help?

The BackTrax™ support helps a wide range of conditions. We have feedback from clients with the following plus many many more: degenerative joint disease, herniated discs, muscle spasms, kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis, lupus, arthritis, among others.